5 Rules to Follow to Keep Your Skin Healthy in the Winter

Tips to prevent dry winter skin

The cold wind is blowing; winter is coming. So advance preparation is needed for the skin. Our skin is very sensitive. Various changes are seen in the skin with the change of weather. Such changes are not due to disease but help our body adapt to the weather.

Skin plays a very important role in keeping the body warm in the winter. As a result, those whose skin cannot adapt to the cold weather face various skin problems.

1. Drink more water:

Many people drink less water in the winter, which is not right at all. Rather, one should drink more water in winter so that the skin remains moist. Many people refrain from bathing because of the winter; this is also not right. In winter, it is necessary to bathe in slightly warm water every day. However, using hot water can dry out the skin.

2. Lotion or oil to moisturize the skin:

In the beginning of winter, the skin becomes dry and chapped; chapped lips, hands, and feet may become chapped, resulting in itching. So, if the skin is dry, petroleum jelly, olive oil, or body lotion can be used. But the most beneficial is the natural olive oil, which does not contain any chemical ingredients. It is good to use olive oil after a bath. But mustard oil cannot be used. Sometimes pure coconut oil can be used if desired. As less water is used in winter, the incidence of scabies, which is highly contagious, increases. If there is itching for a long time, there are various types of inflammation on the skin, and there is a risk of bacterial infection. So in cases of such itching, it is necessary to get treatment from a dermatologist without delay so that there are no complications.

3. Keep lips moist:

Any type of lip gel or petroleum jelly can be applied to the lips. Regular use of petroleum jelly and the wearing of cotton socks should be done in cases of ankle sprains.

4. Wear cotton clothes:

People who have allergy problems can wear cotton or flannel clothes inside and woolen clothes over them.

5. Apply sunscreen:

In the winter, you need to spend some time in the sun every day. In this way, the body will get enough vitamin D. Vitamin D makes the skin beautiful and smooth and prevents aging.

Dr. Tushar Sikder, Dermatology, Allergy, and Venereal Pathologist, Associate Professor, Dhaka Medical College, Dhaka

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