Action Plan for Weight Loss

Action Plan for Weight Loss

Research from the University of Oxford has shown that after weighing yourself in the morning, setting a specific action point for the day leads to faster weight loss. Here is a list of action points you can think of:

Change in diet

I will not eat any fried food today.
Today I will eat 6–8 almonds instead of an unhealthy breakfast.
Today, I will make a list of what to eat throughout the day.
I will count the calories of all the food I eat today.
I will not eat for more than 3 hours today.
I will not eat anything after 8 p.m. today.
Today I will not eat anything except sit at the table.

Focus on the drink

Today I will drink nothing but tea and coffee without sugar and water.
Today I will drink half a liter of water before each meal.
Today I will eat whole fruits or vegetables instead of juice or smoothie.
Today I will not drink any soft drinks like Coke-Pepsi.

Becoming more active as part of everyday life

Today I will walk 10,000 steps.
Today I will walk or cycle instead of taking a bus, rickshaw, or car.
I will go for a walk with my friends today.
Today I will stand instead of sitting while watching TV.

Consume more calories

I will walk as fast as I can today.
Today I will continue to climb a ladder for as long as I can.
Today I will play football or badminton with my friends.
Today I will cycle as long as I can.
Today I will swim as long as I can.
Today I will go to the gym and do strength training and cardio exercises.

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