Calorie Management at the Workplace

Calorie Management at the Workplace

Many may spend most of the day in an office or university. So it is necessary to pay special attention to what is being eaten during this long period every day.

Work pressure, lack of time, stress, and food cravings—all together, they can make it quite difficult to stick to a healthy diet. This requires pre-planning. If you plan ahead-

A healthy diet can be followed to lose weight.
Low-calorie, nutritious foods can be chosen for lunch and snacks.
Stay fresh while working.
Cost-saving is also possible.

So even if you are regularly out of the house for work, you can continue to lose weight in the following 10 ways:

1. Have a regular breakfast.

Many people plan to skip breakfast and eat lunch all at once. Skipping breakfast can lead to extreme hunger before it’s time to eat lunch. As a result, there is an increased tendency to eat unhealthy snacks and the possibility of overeating at noon.

So make it a habit to eat breakfast every morning. If you are not hungry when you leave home, go to the office and have breakfast.

2. Take home-cooked food.

Home-cooked meals are generally healthy and low in calories and fat. Apart from that, the cost is also less than buying food. So prepare food from home and take it. If necessary, you can cook more food the night before, keep it in the fridge, and take it the next day.

3. Drink water.

If you feel hungry, drink two full glasses of water first. This will make the stomach feel a little fuller and not cause sudden hunger pangs. You should drink 6 to 8 glasses of water regularly throughout the day.

4. Keep a light breakfast ready.

Cut fruits, cucumbers, carrots, or tomatoes into boxes and take them with you. It can be eaten during breaks. Having something to eat with it may make it a little easier to curb cravings for unhealthy foods like singara, puri, jillapi, or coke.

5. Eat whole grains.

Take red flour bread instead of flour and white flour to lose weight. Replace white rice with red rice. Try buying wholegrain bread instead of buying market bread.

Many people are not used to the taste of red rice or red flour, so it may not taste good at first. But eating them keeps the stomach full for a long time. They are very beneficial for health as they contain fibre and other nutrients. So you have to develop the habit of eating them slowly. If necessary, white rice or white flour can be mixed with some red rice or flour in the beginning.

6. Beware of mayonnaise, pickles, and sauces

A lot of oil is used while making pickles. And 80% of mayonnaise is fat. 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise contains more than 100 calories. As pickles contain extra oil, so does the calorie count. Apart from this, a lot of sugar and various flavored oils are used to make the bazaar sauce tasty. So avoid them as much as possible.

If necessary, you can make a healthy sauce at home by mixing various spices with tomatoes with less sugar and salt. If you want to buy mayonnaise, look for low-fat, low-calorie ones. As an alternative, sour yoghurt is best used after draining the water.

7. Eat five servings of fruits and vegetables

A fruit or a small salad can be eaten as a light snack. This will partially fulfill the daily requirement for fruits and vegetables. Eat 80 grams of vegetables or fruits per serving out of five servings.

8. Eat popcorn instead of chips

You can easily make popcorn at home by watching YouTube. A packet of chips contains the same number of calories as five cups of popcorn. So opting for popcorn instead of chips can help you stay away from unhealthy habits. Losing weight will also be easier.

9. Buy lean meats

Processed meats (e.g., sausage, nuggets, and pepperoni) are high in fat and calories. So instead of these, eat chicken, fish, and eggs. Beef and mutton are also high in fat. So eat them in moderation and cook them without fat.

10. Eat soup

You can make soup by mixing different types of vegetables. They help fill the stomach and simultaneously provide the body with essential nutrients. Soup is delicious, low in calories, and low in fat, so many people keep soup in their daily meals to lose weight.

Sometimes you can cook soup by mixing chicken meat, eggs, prawns, or pulses with vegetables. It will vary in taste, meet protein needs, and keep the stomach full for longer. You can make a lot of soup on holidays, divide it into portions, and keep it in the fridge. If necessary, it can be heated while going to the office.

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