Fungus on the Nipples

Fungal infections are often seen in the folds of the lower breasts of girls. Many people suffer from shame and hesitation to go to the doctor with this problem. That’s why they suffer unnecessarily with the problem. Generally, the skin in the folds of the body is moist and wet, so it is prone to…

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Is the Appendix an Unnecessary Organ?

Many people think that the appendix is an unnecessary part of the body. According to the famous evolutionist Charles Darwin, the appendix is a useless organ that sometimes leads to death. But with the development of modern science, this idea has been proven wrong. A small part of the digestive system, this appendix is quite…

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Why Eat Small Fish?

Eating a balanced diet is the key to staying healthy and active. The components of a balanced diet are proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water. A good source of protein is fish. Fish contains healthy fats. Small fish are packed with incomparable nutrients among fish. Small fish are small in size but not less…

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Is Fatty Liver Only For Fat People

Is Fatty Liver Only For Fat People?

Fat is also stored in our liver, as are many other essential substances for the body. But it has a normal level. The accumulation of more fat than normal is called fatty liver. Fatty livers are not a problem for many people but can silently develop diseases like liver cirrhosis in some. Nowadays, fatty liver…

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prevent hand eczema

What to do to prevent hand eczema

Women, especially those who do housework, often have eczema on their hands. People who drink a lot of water and constantly come into contact with soap or soda-like products usually have more of this disease. Initially, the fingers become red and dry, with blisters on the skin. Sometimes the skin bursts, causing deep wounds. If…

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Are you using the inhaler correctly

Are you using the inhaler correctly?

Inhalers are a common treatment for respiratory diseases. It is very effective for lung problems like asthma and COPD. Salbutamol, an inhaler-delivered steroid-like medicine, effectively treats and prevents respiratory problems. However, it can be seen that many patients do not want to take inhalers, or even if they agree to take them, they do not…

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