Do we really see with our eyes?

really see with our eyes

According to medical science, the real truth is that we do not see with our eyes. Eyes help us see. Let me tell you the matter openly. The work of our eyes is to turn right, left, up, and down, capture the light emitted from all objects, and send its image to the visual center of the brain.

Before understanding the subject, the eye must compare the two objects in the imagination. 1. With a camera to take pictures. 2. With a TV antenna and home television set. These two things can be compared to seeing everything in daily life.

How does the camera work?

The camera captures the light rays of visible objects in front of it and casts them on film through various lenses. It then reacts with the chemicals in the film to form an image-capturing condition. After the film is taken to the lab, the image is developed on paper by a special process. This example applies to older lens cameras. It does not apply to today’s smartphones or digital cameras. So there is little surprise in this example. Especially those of this generation.

How does television work?

The television antenna is connected to the satellite. The cable allows the picture received through the waves sent by this satellite to reach the TV. The image wave is expanded through various circuits and appears on the screen. Then it was understood that the camera captures the image, and the image is created after exposure in the lab in a special process. The TV receives the waves from the sky, and after they are expanded with the help of special circuits, the picture is shown.

How do eyes work?

Our eyes also have a lens, which falls on the retina or pupil at the back of the eye through contraction and expansion. The retina is composed of 10 membrane-bound specialized cells, where the primary image is formed by photochemical (photochemical) reactions. Then, like a camera film, it enters the brain via the optic nerve and travels to the back of the head. It is only when the unknown process finally reaches the visual area at the back of the head (the visual cortex) that we see the scene.

So to summarize, the eye captures images like a camera, and the brain visualizes the captured images like a television. So if there is an injury at the back of the head or any disease at the back of the brain, even if the eyes are good, things like blindness occur.

Another special thing happens in the brain. Just as all images are inverted due to the lens in a camera film, so all images are inverted in the retina of the eye. Interestingly, this inverted image straightens out after entering the brain for an unknown reason. For this reason, we see everything as straight and normal.

That means we don’t see with our eyes. Eyes help us see. We mainly see with the brain.

Dr. Ahsan Kabir: Ophthalmologist & Pheco Surgeon, Consultant, Jessore Eye Clinic & Pheco                             Centre,Jessore,Bangladesh

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