Five ways to retain youth even after 40

Five ways to retain youth even after 40

Marufa Mahfuz works for a private airline. He said that he crossed paths 40 years ago. He always tries to keep his mind cheerful to remove the impression of age from his face. Hoihullore enjoys spending time with family and friends when he has time between jobs. Avoid sweet foods. Marufa said that regular walking and swimming kept him alive.

old woman in her twenties. The days of this proverb are long gone. Rather, many are spreading the glow of youth, even at the age of 40. However, to achieve this, one must follow some rules. Physicists and nutritionists told us the easy way to retain youth is by following five very simple rules.

Food Control

Nutritionist Akhtarun Nahar said that the speed of digestion slows down after the age of 30. For this, before entering the door of 40, a control should be brought in for eating. At this age, individuals should reduce their carbohydrate intake and increase their protein consumption. Because, with the increase in age, the loss of cells can be filled only with the help of protein. Along with milk, eggs, and fish, meat is also one of the sources of protein. Therefore, many people exclude meat from the food list; it is not right to do it, said this nutritionist. Akhtarun Nahar recommends taking at least five meals a day, with a three-hour gap between each meal.

Facial skin massage

First, apply moisturizer to the skin of the face. Now hold two tablespoons with both hands and slowly pull them upwards from below the jaw. By applying this therapy of Chinese acupressure to the face, the face will gradually take on a beautiful shape.

Regular walking and swimming

Regular 30 to 45 minutes of walking and swimming are very beneficial at this age to maintain blood circulation and body structure. There is no substitute for keeping the body fit and shedding excess fat.

Sleep is important

Dermatologist Rahima Sultana said that as we grow older, our sleep also slows down. If you can’t sleep, massage your head, hands, and feet with an aromatic oil. Because the nerve endings are here. Apart from this, many spend the whole night looking at Facebook or pictures. Go to sleep in the morning. Thus, short sleep increases body weight. Because if sleep is less, the metabolism rate of the body decreases. One should sleep eight hours every night to stay healthy and refreshed.

Breathing exercise

Breathing exercises work like magic to retain youth after 40. Through this, there is a kind of calmness in the face. Stand and read in an open space in the room with both arms outstretched. Now close your eyes, count from one to five through your nose, and take deep breaths. Now slowly exhale, counting from 1 to 10. You can do this breathing exercise eight to ten times, five days a week. Apart from reducing nervous weakness, the exercise helps improve skin radiance, memory, and mental calmness.


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