How to Breastfeed a Newborn: A Comprehensive Guide for New Mothers.

How to Breastfeed a Newborn

The art of How to Breastfeed a Newborn with our comprehensive guide for new mothers. The bonding experience and nurture your baby’s health.

How to Breastfeed a Newborn , In the first two to three days after the baby’s birth, breast milk may be less. In the first two to three days after birth, the mother’s breast produces thick, sticky yellow milk to protect the health of the baby. Although small in quantity, it is very high in nutritional value and immunity and is able to meet the complete needs of the child. It is said that for the first few days after birth, five to seven ml of colostrum per feeding is enough for the baby.

What should I do?

How to Breastfeed a Newborn , The baby needs to be given to the mother’s breast repeatedly to start the flow of milk. The baby should be breastfed immediately after birth. After being attached to the breast, the newborn will recognize the mother by touch, smell, and drawing milk. It will increase the flow quickly, and the mother will not experience pain due to milk accumulation.

It is important to give the mother all kinds of nutritious food to ensure the nutrition of the mother and baby. In fact, every mother can breastfeed her baby, even if it’s twins.

How to understand how milk is getting:

If the baby urinates a fair amount of six to eight times a day, poops once or twice a day, is cheerful, and is gaining weight at least 10 grams per kilogram per day despite crying, then it can be assumed that the baby is getting enough milk.

It should be noted that the child cries if he has a stomach ache, falls asleep, wakes up before urinating, or is dirty. Newborns also cry for attention.

Breastfeeding Rules:

● The mother can sit comfortably on her back or lie on her side to breastfeed.

● If the mother is feeding sitting, then the baby should be fully held, not placed on the lap, and fed only with the head in the palm of the hand. The skin of the baby’s stomach will touch the mother’s stomach. Do not lean on the mother baby; instead, bring the baby to your chest.

● Ensure that the black part, including the mother’s nipple, is fully inserted into the baby’s mouth. At this time, the baby’s nose and snout will stick to the mother’s milk.

● Hold one breast for at least 10 minutes while feeding. Drink more water before sitting down to feed. Try to stay calm.

Prof. Shaheen Akhter, Neonatal, Pediatric, and Adolescent Pathologist, Alok Hospital Limited, Mirpur, Dhaka

How to Breastfeed a Newborn:

To sum up, learning how to nurse your baby is an incredibly fulfilling experience for new moms. In addition to providing essential nutrition, nursing enhances the emotional connection between a mother and her child. The thorough manual gives parents the tools they need to overcome any obstacles by offering insightful information on positioning, procedures, and troubleshooting. Adopting this organic and caring method is in the best interests of the infant as well as the mother’s and child’s general health. Initiating this inward journey, women find resilience, strength, and a deep bond with their child, establishing the groundwork for a joyful and healthy beginning to life.


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