How to Set a Nighttime Sleep Schedule

Most people in the world do not get enough sleep at night. If someone sleeps less than seven hours a night after age 50, their risk of developing dementia increases by up to 30 percent. Inadequate sleep can lead to physical problems like heart attacks, strokes, anxiety, depression, obesity, and diabetes. It is important to establish a sleep schedule beforehand to avoid insufficient sleep.

Reduce Pressure on Nerves

In addition to physical problems, insomnia occurs due to various mental pressures. The thing is that while your body is ready for rest, your brain is not ready in time. Stress increases the secretion of adrenaline and cortisol hormones in our body, which increases the blood pressure and heart rate in the body.
In this case, you can reduce your stress by doing yoga and meditation, listening to soft music, or taking a bath with hot water. The situation will be slightly better than before.

Follow the body clock.

An intrinsic biological clock is always active inside the human body. We call it the body clock. This circadian clock regulates our body temperature, metabolism, appetite, and hormone secretions, all of which affect our sleep-wake cycle. Our daily sleep schedule can be disrupted due to various reasons, including jet lag and working late at night. As a result, our body clock loses its rhythm, and this adversely affects the entire body.

So go to sleep at a certain time every day. Wake up again at the specified time. Follow the body clock. It can solve many problems.

Get some sleep

Taking short naps can be both good and bad for actual sleep, depending on the individual and the situation. Taking short naps of 30 minutes or less during the day makes our brain more functional. In contrast, it has no adverse effect on actual sleep. However, this method is not effective for those who have problems with insomnia. And sleeping more than one hour during the day will naturally disturb the night’s sleep.

Taking ‘CBT’

CBT is an acronym for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. In this treatment, a therapist helps patients identify negative thoughts that are responsible for insomnia.

And learn to practice the thoughts or actions that induce sleep. Most patients can adjust to a normal sleep schedule after six to eight sessions with a therapist.

Also, go to bed at the same time every day. Get up at the same time. If necessary, you can take a bath with warm water.

And no tea, coffee, or caffeinated food after sunset. not the blue light from cell phones, laptops, or televisions. Save yourself from the social media scrolling trap.

Avoid taking your phone to bed. You can read a light book before going to bed at night. You can also do some writing.


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