How You can lost 32 kg within 6 Mmonths

Weight Loss

Tasnim Kabir, an architect, shed 32 kg in six months, going from 98 to 66 kg. Tasnim weighed 98 kg following the birth of her second child, Riyasat, in 2022. He set out to lose weight on March 27 of this year.

Visit in September to achieve the intended outcomes. Rasin, the eldest kid, is three years and nine months old, while Riyasat, the younger boy, is one year and three months old.

Aside from raising two kids, her obesity was causing her to have several physical issues. But instead of a dietitian or nutritionist, Tasneem Kabir lost extra weight with the aid of YouTube, e-books, and different motivating speeches.

Tasnim Kabir has shed several pounds and is currently in good physical shape. Now let’s learn Tasneem Kabir’s strategies for losing weight.

Dinner by 6 pm:

We usually eat heavier meals at night. I then turned in for the night. As a result, the meal is unable to undergo adequate digestion. Thus, at six o’clock in the evening, Tasnim Kabir had finished his dinner.

There’s a lot of salad and bread with meat inside this meal. Sometimes, pepper is used with boiled eggs in bread. “When I first started eating dinner, it would be around eight o’clock in the evening.

Bring that hour forward to six o’clock in the evening gradually. “The earlier the dinner is eaten, the faster the food is digested, and the better the health,” Tasnim stated. After that, you sip tea flavored with different herbs, such as cinnamon, pepper, ginger, and cloves, if you get hungry at night.

No sugar and processed foods:

Tasneem first decided to exclude processed foods and sugar from her diet when she decided to follow a rigorous diet for her health. Making this choice will help you lose weight.

Since he is now accustomed to eating meals prepared at home, he says, “I don’t know why, but when I eat healthy diet food, my taste buds have changed to the point where I don’t like to taste salt and spicy food from outside.”

Drinks and vegetables at breakfast:

Tasnim used to have a large breakfast consisting of liquids and veggies. Drink a glass of water containing chia seeds and isabgul husks after soaking it for an hour in the morning.

There is occasionally bottled water. The morning meal is completed with two cups of veggies and a fried egg. Occasionally, bread is added.

Only 1 cup of rice throughout the day:

Since the regimen, Tasneem only consumes one cup of rice every day. One cup of rice and two pieces of fish are part of the lunch menu. He eats omega-3-containing fish, including hilsa, katal, and roe, every day.

They occasionally consume hornfish. There are two cups of vegetables and 150 ml of pulses here as well. At this point, consume dark chocolate if you’re feeling a little exhausted.

Just a 20-minute walk:

Take a 20-minute daily walk to help you lose weight. Actually, with two kids to take care of, I did not have much time for exercise. I decided to walk as a simple solution,” Tasnim stated.

Your body will first experience some discomfort if you choose to reduce weight. That’s typical. It cannot, therefore, deviate from the primary objective. The body will gradually become ready for this meal.

You can have a banana, a guava, or a handful of almonds in between meals if you’re feeling a little under the weather. Removing soybean oil from the list of foods is preferable.

Instead, try eating mustard oil or rice bran. But every person has a unique physical makeup or level of fitness. So, Tasnim Kabir advised studying before beginning a diet.

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