Is it really cold if you go out with wet hair in winter?

you go out with wet hair in winter

Many people think that if you go out with wet hair after taking a bath in winter, you may feel cold. Especially those who have to take a shower and leave the house in winter mornings, that is, from students to professionals.

Specifically speaking, this problem is more for women. Because their hair is big, it takes more time to dry it. But time does not sit still. Where is the opportunity to dry hair after showering? You have to go out with wet hair. The question is, how much is responsible for catching a cold? Or is there any liability?

Usually, fever, cold, and even other respiratory diseases, including COVID-19, are caused by virus infection. Bacteria also cause some sinus infections.

These diseases are mainly contagious. It does not take time to get infected if the germ droplets come in while breathing in front of an infected person, eat food and water in front of them, or touch the eyes, nose, and mouth by touching the virus-carrying material.

Low winter temperatures create a favourable environment for microbes inside and outside the human body. According to a research paper published in the US Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology in 2018, humans have a type of sensitive receptor in the front of the nostrils that is capable of detecting bacteria and viruses floating in the air while breathing.

Upon sensing the presence of bacteria and viruses, this receptor stimulates our immune system and builds resistance. But in cold weather, this immune system relaxes. As a result, the incidence of disease is relatively high in the winter.

Furthermore, a slight drop in the temperature of the environment doubles our risk of infection by bacteria and viruses. Therefore, the idea that you will get sick from a cold just by going outside with wet hair in the winter is not entirely true. We usually close the doors and windows of the house to escape the cold weather.

It increases the risk of disease. In winter, if there is no ventilation in the home or workplace and someone in the family or workplace is sick, the danger will not go away. In other words, in this case, you can get sick even from home.

So why go out in the winter with wet hair? Of course not. It is never good to keep your hair wet, winter or summer. It is harmful for the health of the hair or the whole body. But a cold will come in winter, when you are exposed to a virus or bacteria. So following the winter hygiene rules is the only solution in this case.


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