Is the baby gaining weight?

Is the baby gaining weight

Health-conscious people think about their weight as they age. Weight considerations also work for some of the younger generations.

But children are different. How much weight is ‘overweight’, or what is the problem with being overweight—these thoughts are not normal for children.

But there are many people around who often talk about other people’s body shapes. Even children are not exempt from being subjected to hurtful comments. Furthermore, children often mock each other’s appearance by laughing at one another.

It is harmful to lose weight at any age. Being overweight can lead to shortness of breath and an increased risk of knee and back pain.

It also increases the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Parents and caregivers should make gradual efforts to reduce the child’s weight. Along with the child, the parents should also develop healthy lifestyle habits and should become an example to be imitated, said Tasnuva Khan, Consultant of the Children’s Department of Dhaka Medical College and Hospital.

Explaining the consequences of excess weight to the child, telling him that from the next day, he will cut out all his favorite foods, eat only boiled vegetables, and run for two hours—it is not; Rather, if you do not get delicious food like ice cream, chocolate, cake, pastry, juice, burgers, pizza, or pasta, it is said that the child’s mood will deteriorate.

Creating a routine saying ‘life should be brought into routine’ does not guarantee that he will live according to your routine.

So Tasnubha Khan insisted that the rest of the family adopt a similar positive lifestyle.

Family meal:

Homemade food should be tasty and nutritious. Be tactful in serving so that the child gets interested. You can cut vegetables into such interesting shapes. But remember, changing long-standing eating habits is no easy feat. Let the change begin slowly. Gradually reduce the habit of eating outside. Explain why a healthy diet and exercise are important in an age-appropriate manner. All the family sits together to eat. Try to eat similar foods. Keep the eating environment enjoyable. Do not binge-watch television or videos.

Do not put in as much; just put in the right amount of oil when cooking.

Reduce the quantity of rice. Gradually decrease the amount the child eats by one tablespoon each day. Increase the amount of vegetables. Encourage fruition.

You can give bread instead of rice for two meals. But not more than two or three.

Gradually eliminate soft drinks or juices. Give milk, milkshakes, and fruit juices at home—without sugar, of course, but very little.

Reduce chocolate, sweets, chips, and fast food.

How do I exercise?

In the urban environment, there is less opportunity to run, so there is a high tendency for city children to get lost. Schedule an hour or two of fun physical activity at intervals throughout the day. Be with yourselves. It will also strengthen family ties.

While going to school, get out of the vehicle at a place where it is at least 15 15-minute walk to reach the school. Do not drive to school within 15 minutes or less of walking distance.

If you get a chance, give yourself a chance to play at least one hour every day on the field. If there is a park, take a walk or run.

Arrange jumping rope and cycling around the house, in the garage, or on the roof.

Exercise at home too. You can learn home exercises on YouTube. You can do morning and evening exercises at home with your child. If you wake up 15-20 minutes earlier in the morning, you will have time for exercise.

Make use of the holidays. Take it for a walk in the open. Go for a walk with the baby.

Can get admission in cricket, football, badminton, or karate training.

Take Care:

Dependence on digital devices is also responsible for excess weight. Now even adults are addicted. Everyone in the family should get out of this addiction. It is better not to do office work at home.

However, if the child’s weight suddenly increases rapidly, weight gain despite eating less, or the child’s memory loss due to excess weight, lack of intelligence, lack of height, loss of vision or hearing, seek the advice of a pediatrician.


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