Many Quitters Quit Smoking the Same Way They Quit Last Time

Smoking the Same Way They Quit Last Time

When it comes to quitting smoking, we all become Mark Twain. Mark Twain said about quitting smoking, ‘It is very easy to quit smoking. I have quit smoking many times so far.’

Whether it’s because of Shahrukh Khan’s cigarette smoking style in the movies or because of the insatiable curiosity of showing off in friends’ chats, smoking rates are slightly higher among university youth than any other age group. Research shows that most American smokers start their first cigarette between the ages of 18 and 25. But the news of relief is that 7 out of 10 campus smokers are not regular smokers. Rather, they smoke at special gatherings or during special events.

But bad habits are bad, right? If we can’t end this habit here, then who will give you the assurance that this habit of smoking will not be your companion for the rest of your life in the future?

When it comes to quitting smoking, we all become Mark Twain. Mark Twain said about quitting smoking, ‘It is very easy to quit smoking. I have quit smoking many times so far.’

Many of us quit smoking, but quit like Mark Twain. Leave it today, pick it up tomorrow, and after seven days, when you are chatting with your friends, you unknowingly come up with a cigarette. What is the best way to avoid it?

The first way is desire. First,  you have to accept that smoking is bad for you and that you want to quit. Then there is one more thing to keep in mind: like any habit, breaking the habit of smoking is very difficult, but not impossible. It may take some time to follow a certain framework, but at the end of the day, you will be able to quit smoking. Let’s see what steps you need to take to quit smoking.

1. Today, right now

Make up your mind first. A colleague of mine quit smoking after a 17-year habit one night. How? When asked to know, he said, ‘He used to have stomach pain after recovering from Corona. The doctor said the condition of the lungs is not very good. After quitting smoking for the first two days, I saw that it was good; I was saving 200 to 300 taka every day. So he didn’t want to. Now stomach ache, indigestion, acidity problem—nothing.’

Once you decide to quit smoking, think of it as 50% done. Don’t make excuses like, ‘I’ll do it tomorrow or later, or I’ll start on a special day’. Instead, throw the pack of cigarettes in your pocket into the dustbin right now. It will give you a lot of mental boosts.

2. Clean the clothes:

Remember, you are in a war. Here, you can be vulnerable; nothing can be kept. So, wash the clothes so that the smell of cigarettes on the clothes does not debilitate you. Throw away the ash tray. Avoid friends who smoke temporarily. Avoid going to places where everyone smokes.

3. Identify your trigger points:

Every habit has a trigger that controls it. Notice, when exactly does your brain go crazy for cigarettes? Stressed at work? Is it time for exam stress? Is it time to listen to sad songs late at night? Or after lunch? Extra caution should be taken during these times, and stress should be avoided if necessary. Stop waking up at night. When you feel like smoking too much, you can chew chocolate, chewing gum, jasmin, or ginger cloves.

4. Embrace emptiness:

Just like missing something from life feels empty, giving up cigarettes has some impact. Headache, restlessness, or depression are very common side effects. It should be bearable. Keep in mind that this effect will not last long. Time will fix it. There is no substitute for patience.

5. Stay busy:

Many experts recommend quitting smoking on Sunday, as opposed to Thursday or Friday, as a busy week can help distract from cigarette cravings. Because a busy week can keep you away from cigarette cravings.

6. Learn from mistakes, not disappointments:

Even after all this, you can catch up with your friends and join them in a chat. Don’t give up trying because of this. Rather, you should be careful not to take the next step by learning from here. Avoid any disappointment at all costs.

7. Reward yourself:

Set small, written goals. It may be 3 days, 7 days, or 10 days. Then tick off and give yourself small rewards if you achieve that goal. This will give you the strength to try harder to achieve the next goal.

8. Live a healthy life:

Eat plenty of water, fruits, and vegetables. Walk in the morning sun. Fall asleep in the morning. Stay united with your family. Live a healthy life overall.

Since you are reading this, you have already taken the first step to quit smoking. So, if you are brave enough to take the next steps, a smoke-free life is possible for you too. If you can live a beautiful life physically, mentally, and financially with just a little effort, what is the harm in doing that?

Source: Tobacco-Free Life, Teen Health


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