Physiotherapy is Effective for Back Pain After Caesarean Section

Back Pain After Caesarean Section

Many women suffer from lower back pain after cesarean delivery. At the same time, there is pain from stitches and surgery. Usually, after a few days, these pains go away, and it is possible to return to normal life. But sometimes the pain can be abnormal and long-lasting.

Causes of back pain

Pain often begins after the injection (anesthesia) for surgery. However, the injection is not responsible for the pain. This pain can be caused mainly by an increase in the normal curvature of the lumbar muscles, ligaments, and lumbar line. Again, the aftereffects of the anesthetic injection may cause pain. A small amount of cerebrospinal fluid leaks after the injection. It causes severe headaches and neck pain, especially if the pregnant woman sits or stands for a long time. The pain seems to subside when he lies down.

When does the pain occur?

Obstetric surgery causes back pain as the anesthesia wears off. The area where the anesthetic was injected starts to feel sore after three to six hours. Headache and neck pain due to leakage of cerebrospinal fluid usually begin 12 hours after delivery or 3 to 4 days after the baby is born.

Duration of pain

Back pain from anesthesia should usually subside within a week. For some, the pain lasts up to a month. The primary reason for this is injury due to injection penetration. Sometimes headaches and neck pain can become unbearable.

What to do

Exercise, as advised by a physiotherapist, can provide quick relief.

Sleeping properly is important. Because to recover from back pain and labor pain, correct posture is required. Make sure the bed and mattress are flat and not too soft.

Applying cold compresses alternating with hot and cold therapy helps relax muscles and increase circulation to the painful area.

Md. Saidur Rahman, Chief Consultant, Reactive Physiotherapy Centre, Shaheed Tajuddin Ahmad Avenue, Dhaka


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