Some ways to stay well

Outdoor Exercises

1. Do a morning walk for 20 minutes in the morning.
2. Practice cycling for 15 minutes daily.
3. Say no to the elevator and go up the stairs.
4. Talk on the phone; walk the walk.
5. Leave the song, open your mind, and dance for fifteen minutes.
6. Avoid sitting.
7. Drink at least two cups of green tea daily.
8. Do your own work every day. like washing clothes, cleaning the house, etc.
9. Eat some spicy food. Spices boost metabolism and help burn calories.
10. Do not drink ice-cold water or drinks immediately after eating any food containing fat or oil. If you have to eat something cold, eat it after 30 minutes.
11. Take time to eat and chew well.
12. Avoid soft drinks altogether.
13. Sleep well.
14. Exercise with a rope, i.e., skipping, for ten minutes daily.
15. Don’t you like to exercise? Playing ping pong is good exercise.
16. Avoid the habit of eating sugar.
17. Eat salad with every meal.
18. Develop the habit of eating fish.
19. Live a stress-free life.
20. Smile and be happy. Just laughing can burn 1.3 calories per minute. Remember, depression makes people fat faster.
Let it continue like this for the next few days, and then you will see how much your energy level has increased. How neat you feel! Faith in our hearts is the main tool to achieve our goals. So believe in yourself and love your work.

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