Spinal cord injury while driving

Spinal cord injury attorneys
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One of the causes of spinal injuries while sitting in a car is the driver not wearing a seatbelt. The seatbelt holds the body firmly in place. And without a seatbelt, the upper part of the body is exposed, which can cause pressure on the spine with a little carelessness.

The second main reason is driving over the speed limit. The faster the car goes, the more it accelerates, and the body moves at the same speed. When a situation requires the vehicle to stop quickly, the sudden change in speed causes injury.

This problem creates a risk of spinal cord injury. So to avoid such accidents, avoid speeding, wear seatbelts, and don’t exceed the speed limit while driving.

Spinal cord injury attorneys:

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Shoulder and neck stiffness or stiffness; loss of sensation or numbness in the ankle; fatigue, headaches, uncontrollable muscle cramps, decreased walking speed, etc. can be caused by such silent injuries. Neck and back pain and stiffness are often associated with whiplash. It can also cause headaches. Vertebrae can rupture. If not treated immediately, surgery may be required.

A ruptured vertebra can cause paralysis, loss of bladder control, and numbness in nerve endings. Accidents can cause a slipped disc. This means that the soft tissues between the vertebrae move out of place. This results in sharp and sudden pain in the legs. If a slipped disc eventually develops into a herniated disc, it causes lower back pain. Impaired walking and movement. There is also weakness in the legs.

If standing, walking, and sitting are always difficult; you feel pressure in the neck, head, or back; you have problems controlling the stool; or if you lose touch in your hands or toes, you should see an experienced neurologist right away. Treatment should be started as soon as possible. The neurologist may prescribe medications to reduce inflammation and pain. If the injury is severe and requires surgery, it should be done quickly. Physiotherapy may also be needed. It will help regain mobility, strength, and sensation in the injured body part. Remember, spinal cord injuries do not heal completely in most cases.

Professor Dr. Haradhan Debnath, Department of Neurosurgery, BSMMU, Dhaka


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