The oil can be used both on skin and food

both on skin and food

How many qualities are there in olives? Vitamin E, iron, minerals, calcium, and sodium—what’s not in this little fruit? Olive oil is magical for skin, hair, or food. Many may have already bought a bottle of olive oil to escape the cold of winter. Let’s know the correct rules and benefits of using this oil.

Skin will be protected in the winter.

Dry skin cracks in the cold and oily skin is not spared. All skin types experience dryness, flaking, and darkening. In such weather, olive oil is incomparable in retaining the natural moisture of the skin of the whole body, including the face, said dermatologist Rahima Sultana. He said that this oil, which is full of antioxidants, not only maintains moisture but also reduces sunburn on the skin. Apart from this, this oil can be used for facial makeup from the outside. But it is only applicable to people with very dry skin. People with oily skin can use olive oil lightly once a day.

How to use:

Do not use directly; mix an equal amount of rose water and glycerin with olive oil and store in a glass-lidded container. Use as needed.

Eliminates frizzy hair

In this weather, the scalp may become dry, and dandruff may appear. Olive oil can be your best friend. The vitamin E present in it is very effective in removing dandruff. Rahima Sultana says that olive oil acts as a good antibacterial agent. With regular use, hair roots become strong and the hair becomes shiny. The use of conditioner is not very necessary.

How to use:

Mix olive oil with coconut oil and massage on scalp and hair twice a week for best results.

Good health is guaranteed by olive oil.

Health-conscious people use olive oil in food. This is because other oils contain a mixture of oils, but olive oil does not, said Shamshunnahar Nahid, chief nutritionist and head of the department at Bardem Hospital. Olive oil burns less when cooking than other oils. So it is healthy. Apart from that, the omega-3 fatty acids present in it are very effective in preventing heart disease. Shamshunnahar Nahid recommends using olive oil in food for those who have thyroid problems.

How to use:

Add olive oil to the pot first while cooking, not later. It will not burn the oil and will retain all its qualities. Apart from this, you can mix light olive oil with salad.


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