Type-2 diabetes is mostly caused by salt, not sugar.

diabetes is mostly caused by salt, not sugar.

According to a recent study, the idea that only eating sugar causes diabetes is wrong. Another ingredient known to increase the risk of diabetes is salt.

When diagnosed with diabetes, individuals typically eliminate sweets as the first step in managing their condition. A tendency to eat sweets is behind the increase in blood sugar. And so, if you have diabetes, stop eating sweets.

But a recent study isn’t blaming sugar alone for diabetes. Not only sugar but also salt are equally responsible for type 2 diabetes, according to Tulane University researchers. Tulane University researchers published the study in a journal of the Mayo Clinic.

Nearly 40,000 people living in London participated in the survey. Most of them suffer from diabetes. Earlier, everyone tended to eat salt, but many did not eat sugar. Despite this, blood sugar levels rise. Salt increases the risk of type 2 diabetes.

But that does not mean that eating salt will lead to diabetes. The risk of developing diabetes depends on the amount of salt consumed. Occasional salt intake has a 13 percent risk of diabetes. But eating salt with rice nearly every day increases the risk of type-2 diabetes by 39 percent.

Food has no taste without salt. Meanwhile, the more you eat delicious food, the amount of salt in your body will continue to increase. This increases the risk of weight gain, inflammatory problems, and diabetes. Moreover, salt is one of the causes of blood pressure increases. To avoid the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure, individuals should reduce their intake of both sugar and salt.

Frequent restaurant meals will inevitably increase sodium levels in the body, even though you can control the amount of salt used in cooking. Processed foods are high in salt. Pizza, rolls, biscuits, and packaged soups contain the most salt. It is better to avoid such foods as much as possible.

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