Walk Outside in the Winter: Staying Active in Cold Weather

walk outside in the winter

Discover tips for Walk Outside on the Winter. Stay active and embrace the chilly weather with our effective strategies for outdoor walks.

walk outside in the winter, Regular walking is very important. There is no substitute for regular walking to lose weight, ward off heart disease, or control diabetes. Many people walk regularly. But where to walk? This question is on everyone’s mind.

Many people have the habit of walking in a park or on an empty street. But not all places have enough parks or walking spaces. As a result, many people rely on treadmills for walking or jogging.

Meanwhile, the winter season has come. At this time, many people do not want to walk outside for fear of getting cold, especially those who have a habit of walking in the morning. Many people don’t want to walk outside because of dust or safety concerns. So how do you keep the walking habit going?

Why is walking outside good?

It is scientifically proven that walking outside is better for the body. Walking outside for the same amount of time burns more calories than on the treadmill. If there are enough facilities, good walking arrangements, and safety, doctors recommend walking outside.

Walking outside naturally requires you to walk against the wind, to the right, to the left, up and down, up and down all kinds of roads, which requires more energy, burns more calories, and uses all the muscles in the body.

Who walks on a treadmill in the winter?

But the matter is different in winter. In winter, the air is dry and dusty, which increases the incidence of lung and allergic diseases. Walking outside in the winter can cause various problems.

In winter, the blood supply is slightly disrupted due to constriction of the blood vessels, which may cause chest pain or an increase in those with heart problems.

Rheumatoid patients’ pain increases at this time. When fog falls in winter, it becomes difficult to walk and see outside. The road becomes slippery due to fog. Visibility also decreases. So walking outside in the winter can cause accidents.

So asthmatic, rheumatic, or elderly people should be careful about walking outside during this time. It’s better to walk them on a treadmill if they can.

If going outside, wear adequate winter clothes, socks, and hand gloves. A hat should be worn. Dress in several layers to avoid the wind in Konkan. Again, if you sweat after wearing extra-warm clothes, it can be a problem.

Too much exercise in the winter can be dangerous for the body, especially the heart. In that case, it is better to walk at a certain pace. Treadmills have that advantage.

Author: Medicine Consultant, Popular Diagnostic Centre, Dhanmondi, Dhaka.


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