What is Mile stone of development ?

What is milestone of development?Mention the normal milestone of development of one year old child.

Developmental milestones are specific skills, behaviors, or abilities that children typically achieve at certain ages. They provide a general guideline for tracking a child’s growth and development in various domains.

Here are some normal milestones of development for a one-year-old child, organized according to the assessment points you mentioned:

1. Motor Milestones:

sits without support.
crawls or begins to walk with assistance.
pulls to stand and may cruise along furniture
may take a few independent steps.
begins to explore the environment and objects more actively.

2. Vision Milestones:

tracks moving objects with their eyes.
shows increased interest in visually stimulating toys or pictures
and begins to recognize familiar faces and objects.
may start pointing at objects of interest.

3. Manipulative Milestones:

develops a pincer grasp (using the thumb and index finger).
begins to feed themselves with fingers or a spoon.
enjoys banging and stacking toys or blocks.
may attempt to scribble or make marks using a crayon or marker.

4. Hearing Milestones:

responds to their name.
turns their head or eyes towards sounds or voices
and may imitate simple sounds or words.
shows interest in music or rhythmic sounds

5. Speech Milestones:

says their first words (such as “mama” or “dada”) or imitates simple sounds.
Babbling becomes more varied and includes different consonant and vowel sounds.
may understand and respond to simple commands or requests.

6. Social Milestones:

– Demonstrates stranger anxiety or wariness of unfamiliar individuals
enjoys social interactions and games like peek-a-boo or pat-a-cake.
shows affection or bonds with familiar caregivers
begins to imitate the actions or behaviors of others.

Please note that these milestones are general guidelines, and individual children may reach them at slightly different times.

If you have any concerns about your child’s development or if you notice significant delays or regressions in any of these areas, it is recommended that you consult with a healthcare professional or developmental specialist for further evaluation and guidance.


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