What to do to prevent hand eczema

prevent hand eczema

Women, especially those who do housework, often have eczema on their hands. People who drink a lot of water and constantly come into contact with soap or soda-like products usually have more of this disease.

Initially, the fingers become red and dry, with blisters on the skin. Sometimes the skin bursts, causing deep wounds. If there is a ring on the finger, eczema becomes prominent around it. Because the ring stays in the same place all the time, water and soap accumulate at the bottom.

Not only housewives or housekeepers, but people in professions that have to run water for a long time or wash their hands repeatedly with soap are also victims of this disease. Such as doctors, restaurant workers, cleaners, and fish and vegetable sellers. Apart from this, allergies to vegetables such as ginger, onion, tomato, carrot, fig, pumpkin, brinjal, papaya, etc. can cause hand eczema.

Proteins in food often cause allergies. These include potatoes, wheat, fish, especially shelled shrimp, crabs, etc. Also, contact with plastic products, including gloves, and metals like nickel from plants like philodendron, parthonium, or paraffin diamine dyes (used in hair dyes) can cause allergies. Allergies also occur with the chemical potassium dichromate.

What should I do?

Repeated red rash, cracks, and itching on the skin of the hands and fingers should be referred to the doctor. The doctor can detect this disease by looking at the hands or through some tests. It is best to consult a specialist doctor for this. It is a chronic disease.

To prevent this disease, it is necessary to refrain from repeatedly putting water on the hands or wetting the hands. If necessary, use kitchen gloves when washing dishes or washing clothes. After working with water, wipe your hands with a soft cloth and apply moisturizer.

Dr. Didarul Ahsan, Dermatology, Venereal, and Allergist, Senior Consultant and Managing Director, Al-Razi Hospital, Dhaka


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