When and why does a newborn need surgery?

newborn need surgery

Some children are born with congenital or genetic defects. Some diseases require emergency medical care or even surgery after birth. And whenever we hear about surgery on a newborn baby, we naturally get scared. How can the body withstand the pressure of surgery?

Access to pediatric surgery, especially neonatal surgery, has so far been difficult in remote areas of the country. Many people think that birth defects are the curse of the creator or the presence of genies and other superstitions, stay away from proper treatment, and delay unnecessarily. It can be dangerous.

What are the signs that a newborn needs surgery?

  • Vomiting after every meal
  • Vomiting green or red
  • Anus is not formed or is not in a normal position.
  • Absence of green stool within two days of birth.
  • Jaundice and clay-like stools from birth.
  • Drip and urinate.
  • The pelvis is outside the abdomen.
  • Eruption of a spinal tumor, etc.

If these problems occur, you must consult a pediatric surgery specialist.

You must pay attention:

The risks are high in neonatal surgery. As the organs are immature for the first two to three months of birth, they cannot function properly. Apart from this, children have low immunity, are more prone to bacterial infections, and cannot control their temperature. Due to these reasons, the risk of unconsciousness and post-surgical complications for the child is high.

The risk is even greater for babies who are born prematurely and weigh less than 2.5 kg. Advances in medicine and technology have reduced these complications to a large extent. Consulting the doctor at the right time can significantly reduce the death rate of newborns. However, neonatal surgery requires specialised hospital services and specialised paediatric surgeons.


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