When taking your blood sugar, you are not committing these errors.

When taking your blood sugar

While measuring blood sugar, many times small mistakes lead to incorrect measurements, which can lead to confusion.

Don’t wash your hands.

 The person whose finger is being drawn should wash their hands with soap and water.  After washing, the person should thoroughly wipe their hands with a clean tissue or cloth. If hand washing is not possible, you can wipe your hands with an alcohol pad. In that case, wait until the hand alcohol dries. Do not wipe off the alcohol with a cloth or any other material to dry it quickly.

Repeated perforation due to the inability to draw enough blood.

If the needle (lancet) used does not pierce deep enough, it will not produce the required drop of blood. Repeated piercing is also not right. Therefore, the first time, the hole should be drilled to a sufficient depth with caution.

Prick or press hard to draw blood.

If the blood does not come out, many people try to get the blood out by pressing the finger or pressing hard. It’s not right. One can only apply gentle pressure.

Not drinking enough water

Dehydration changes blood sugar levels. Do not measure sugar without water.

Wrong device, wrong code

Some glucometers require a code. If the code is wrong, the result will be wrong. If you are not sure about the usage and quality of the glucometer at the time of purchase, you may face problems later.

Using expired strips

Expiration of the strip can give false results, even if it seems ‘good’.

Not keeping records

If you don’t write it down on the sugar meter, you won’t know how your sugar levels are trending. Therefore, it will be difficult for the doctor to decide whether your sugar is under control or whether you need to change any medication.

Measuring sugar at the wrong time

If you need to watch your sugar before or after meals, check with your doctor. Measuring before eating means measuring on an empty stomach. In that case too, the time cannot be manipulated for measuring the sugar two hours after eating again.


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