When the winter comes, the teeth tingle?

Question: I am 30 years old. My teeth chatter when winter comes. But at other times, there is no problem. There is no problem with eating ice cream in the summer. I was afraid to go to the doctor. Toothaches are very scary for me. So if you tell me any home remedies, I could get treatment that way. Please let me know.

Answer: Just as all materials expand and shrink due to changes in weather, teeth also contract during the winter. As a result, the teeth develop small cracks. For this reason, when winter comes, many people have teeth grinding, and it does not happen again in summer.

In many cases, if there is a problem with sinusitis, the positional change of the teeth due to their pressure may also be the reason. There is nothing to fear; this fine crack will not cause any dental problems. Using a good-quality desensitizing paste during the winter can easily get rid of this problem. But it is best to consult a dentist directly.

Dr.Kazi Rumana Sharmin

Dental surgeon,

LabAid Dental Clinic in Dhanmondi, Dhaka


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