Which food makes you sleepy, which food makes you sleepy?

food makes you sleepy

Good sleep is essential for good health. However, how sleep will be depends on many factors. Just like good sleep, we want a good environment, and we want mental stability. Eating also affects sleep. Many people feel very sleepy after eating rice. Many people get sleepy after drinking tea and coffee. Apart from this, several foods affect sleep. However, it should be remembered that the effect of food on sleep varies from person to person.

Foods that are enemies of sleep

1. Caffeinated foods

Coffee and tea contain caffeine. Even labeled as ‘decaffeinated’, it is not completely caffeine-free. Green tea is not caffeine-free. Apart from this, various foods contain caffeine. Chocolate, tiramisu, and drinks known as ‘energy drinks’ are sources of caffeine.

2. spicy food 

Spicy food can cause acidity. Suffering from uncomfortable problems like heartburn can deprive you of restful sleep.

3. Heavy food, fatty food

Eating a heavy meal at night can delay sleep. Eating more fatty foods can cause light sleep. Once you wake up, you may not fall asleep easily. People who eat high-fat foods may have a shorter sleep duration.

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