Why bathe in cold water in the winter morning?

Why bathe in cold water in the winter morning?

As soon as it gets cold, people turn to hot water. Bathing in hot water on a winter day is a failed attempt to keep the body warm. But do you know that, not only on hot days but also on winter mornings, cold water helps to keep the body strong? Apart from staying healthy, bathing in cold water has many other benefits.

The body is full:

Cold water helps to remove any irritation or inflammation in the body. As a result, the skin remains calm and normal. Due to this, even after working for a long time, our bodies do not get tired. Bathing in cold water at the beginning of the day helps to keep the body fresh. Even at the end of a busy day, cold water is very useful for rejuvenating the body.

It helps keep the body warm:

Although it may sound surprising, cold water is more effective than hot water to keep the body warm in the winter. Exposure to cold water activates the brown adipose tissue in the body. Which helps to keep the body warm and maintain the body temperature during the winter.

Increases endurance:

Cold water during winter days in Konkan helps increase stamina. Cold water also increases pain tolerance. Apart from this, cold water plays a role in increasing blood circulation. It also maintains blood circulation at the junctions of muscles and joints.

Prevents disease:

Cold water also plays a major role in relieving cold-related problems such as colds and coughs in the winter. A recent study found that those who regularly showered with cold water, especially on cold days, could reduce their incidence of illness by up to 29 percent.

Keeps hair healthy:

Bathing in hot water removes much of the natural oil from the hair. As a result, the hair becomes rough and dry. Cold water helps maintain the hair’s natural oiliness. As a result, as the cuticle of the head is healthy, bright and natural hair is seen even in winter.

Reduces dandruff:

Regular bathing in cold water also reduces the amount of dandruff on the head. Cold water is more beneficial in reducing the relief of conditions such as psoriasis or eczema. Cold water helps to cool the scalp and reduce itching.

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