Why Eat Small Fish?

Eating a balanced diet is the key to staying healthy and active. The components of a balanced diet are proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water. A good source of protein is fish. Fish contains healthy fats. Small fish are packed with incomparable nutrients among fish.

Small fish are small in size but not less in nutrition. Every 100 grams of small fish contains 14–19 parts of meat. Fish meat is high-quality meat. Everyone, from children to the elderly, can safely eat small fish.

Benefits of small fish

● The growth and formation of the baby in the womb are better. A pregnant mother needs a lot of non-vegetarian food in her daily diet to produce breast milk. For this, they need to keep small fish in their diet. Besides, the abundant calcium present in this fish maintains bone density.

● Vitamins ‘A’, ‘D’, and mineral salts are required for the physical growth of the baby after birth. For this, lactating mothers need to eat small fish.

● Thousands of children become blind every year due to a lack of vitamin A. Ratkana suffers from a disease. For that, it is necessary to keep small fish in the diet.

● Lack of adequate nutrition hinders the growth of growing children. So they need small fish in their diet. Because its non-vegetarian body is more useful for growth and recovery,

It is important to remember that small fish are generally not immune to any disease. It is safe for all ages as it contains beneficial proteins and fats. It also has a lower risk of allergies.

Hasina Akhtar Lipi, Consultant Nutritionist, LabAid & Park View Hospital & Diagnostics Limited, Chittagong Heart Foundation, Chittagong


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