Why take care of diabetic feet?

Why take care of diabetic feet

A diabetic foot or finger injury can lead to serious complications and even death.

The foot is a delicate organ for diabetic patients. Because, in the case of diabetes, the blood vessels in the legs of the patients have problems, nerve disorders also occur. Their feet are also more prone to bacterial infections and traumatic wounds.

A minor injury can lead to serious problems in a diabetic patient’s feet or fingers or even death from such problems. Complications that occur in the feet due to diabetes are called diabetic foot.

If the blood sugar is high for a long time, the sensation in the legs decreases. Apart from this, the blood supply to the legs decreases due to blocked blood vessels.

Apart from these reasons, wounds or infections can also occur due to injury. These wounds are often difficult to heal quickly, and in some cases, surgery is required to remove parts of the leg.

For this reason, it is important to take special care of the feet of the diabetic patient in addition to controlling the diabetes from the beginning.

Let’s know how a diabetic patient should take care of his feet

  • Wear comfortable and properly sized shoes. Be careful not to injure your feet due to shoes.
  • At the end of the day, wash your feet well and wipe them with a dry cloth. Care should be taken so that the area between the two toes is not wet. Fungal infections are more common in this gap.
  • Diabetic patients can get infections by breaking the skin on their feet. If this is the case, use petroleum jelly or a good-quality moisturizer. If you wear cotton socks on your feet in the winter, your feet will crack less.
  • Check the skin of the feet daily. Use a mirror or ask someone else to check the skin on your feet. If you notice any change in the colour of the skin of the feet, blisters, or red spots, consult a doctor immediately.
  • Cut extra toenails straight.
  • The legs should be exercised regularly to maintain blood circulation.
  • Never walk barefoot, and never wear shoes without socks. Do not wear dirty or wet socks.
  • Before using hot water, ask someone else to check whether it is too hot. Diabetic patients have less sensation in their feet, which can cause them to burn their feet when the water is too hot.

Dr. Rosanna Rauf, Associate Consultant, Department of Medicine, Square Hospital


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