You don’t have to give up sugar, pay attention to 3 habits to stay diabetes free

attention to 3 habits to stay diabetes free

Blood sugar levels are high. Many favorite foods had to be eliminated from the diet. From tea to chutney, sugar has been removed from all types of food. But ever since the idea of ‘a’sugar-free’ diet made its debut, diabetics started smiling.

Many people think that this sugar-free diet will keep the problem of diabetes under control. That is, if you can eliminate sugar from your life, you can put a rope on the nose of diabetes. This is not entirely wrong.

However, modern medicine says that eating everything in moderation can keep blood sugar levels under control. However, cutting out sugar does not mean that the diet is successful. It is necessary to make several changes to the lifestyle.

1) Regular exercise

The first and foremost condition for keeping blood sugar levels under control is exercise. Whether it is swimming or walking, being physically active can keep insulin hormone secretion and balance under control.

2) Adequate sleep is required

Day after day of sleep deprivation affects insulin secretion and glucose metabolism rates. Hence, the blood sugar levels fluctuate.

3) Stress control

Work pressure outside the home and problems in personal life can increase stress and anxiety. As a result, blood sugar increases. It is important to keep stress under control in any case.

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