Diabetic Shoulder Pain

Diabetic Shoulder Pain
Exploring Diabetic Shoulder Pain: causes, symptoms, and treatment options to alleviate discomfort and improve mobility.

Occasionally, the patient is unable to raise the arms, turn on the back, or put on clothes. Even combing the hair with a comb is difficult.


  • As mentioned earlier, uncontrolled blood sugar is one of the causes of frozen shoulders. In addition, he had previously experienced pain while lifting something heavy with his hands but did not pay attention to it. It can also cause pain.
  • This problem can occur after a stroke (hemorrhage in the brain). Cervical spondylosis causes pain in the neck and arm, reducing arm movement. This can gradually lead to stiffening of the shoulder joint.
  • When the driver brakes suddenly, the occupants of the car grab or try to grab the handle or something to protect themselves. It hurts many people. Which then causes shoulder pain.
  • Bone loss begins after the age of forty. At this time, the internal synovial fluid of the joint decreases. This increases the risk of shoulder pain.

Diabetic Shoulder Pain:

In conclusion, diabetic shoulder pain can have a significant negative impact on people with diabetes’ quality of life. To guarantee an accurate diagnosis and successful treatment, it’s critical to comprehend the condition’s reasons and symptoms. The early detection and management of diabetic shoulder discomfort depend heavily on controlling blood sugar, getting adequate physical activity, and leading a healthy lifestyle. Medication, physical therapy, and lifestyle changes are possible forms of management. Getting expert medical advice and adhering to a thorough treatment plan can help reduce pain, increase mobility, and improve your overall condition. For the best possible treatment of diabetic shoulder annoyance, constant collaboration with medical professionals is important.


  • Painkillers should be avoided unless the shoulder is in severe pain. However, muscle relaxants are needed to relax the muscles.
  • Proper and timely physiotherapy is also required. Some electrotherapeutic agents are very useful in treating this disease.
  • The patient should do some exercise every day. Blood sugar must be controlled.
  • A frozen shoulder heals very slowly. It may take months or even years to fully heal.

Md. Yachin Ali, Chairman and Chief Consultant, Dhaka City Physiotherapy Hospital, Dhanmondi, Dhaka


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